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Maps of the Nordic Region

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NORDIC REGION: A map bank with maps of the Region. You can choose to have the maps shown according to different categories. For example, population and demography, energy and environment, etc. The maps can be used freely provided you clearly indicate the source, i.e. Nordregio's logo and website.

NORDIC REGION (+ Europe + world): On this website you will find maps of the individual Nordic countries. However, the site is protected by Danish copyright law, and therefore the maps may not be used without permission. You can, however, use the maps in another way. Place the map on your own website and link to '' from the map - that way the map becomes interactive. Or you can download the map with a return link to ''.

NORDIC REGION (EU-countries): Map of all the EU countries. The European Commission has the copyright to the pictures, but reproduction is permitted. For the Nordic countries the map is rather incomplete since many of the major cities are not listed. Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland are missing.

FINLAND: Map of Finland.

NORWAY: Map of Norway. Restricted right of use. You can read about the conditions that apply with the use of the map service on their website.

DENMARK: Geodata Agency. Good, detailed map of Denmark, both geographically and split into regions, municipalities and the old counties (amter).

THE FAROE ISLANDS: Map of the Faroe Islands in pdf format for printing. There are several different kinds of maps. You can choose, for example, just to see the islands, or to see the towns and roads, or just the municipalities.

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