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Nordic countries reinforce cooperation on renewable energy

The co-operation mechanisms of the EU’s Renewable Energy sources (RES) Directive are new and consequently it is still not fully clear how these flexible mechanisms should be used, nor their consequences on the electricity market and renewable energy sources. Thus, the Nordic Council of Minister’s Working Group for Renewable Energy commissioned GreenStream to evaluate the usefulness and consequences of utilising the co-operation mechanisms of the RES Directive in the Nordic Countries.

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Joint efforts to increase use of renewable energy sources increase the cost-efficiency of RES policies and sharing lessons learnt and experiences from other markets and countries provide foundations for Nordic co-operation.

- The co-operation mechanisms provide many interesting opportunities for the Nordic Countries, which have long common history in energy issues. There are many challenges in utilising these mechanisms, both political and practical” says Jørgen Calundann, chairman of the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy.

The Nordic countries have a long history in co-operating on the electricity market. The long-term objective of Nordic countries is to promote an efficient, competitive, secure and
sustainable energy supply. The EU countries have set a binding target to increase the share of renewable energy to 20% by 2020. This target is further divided to national targets varying from 11% to 49%.

Countries can meet their obligations either by; increasing domestic use of renewable energy sources; co-operate by implementing joint projects or implement common renewable energy support systems.

The Nordic Council of Minister’s Working Group for Renewable Energy will continue to focus at the issue, with the project Nordic Testing Ground. The objective is to scrutinise if the Nordic countries could implement common practice and guidelines around this.

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