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Latest videos from the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers and affiliated organisations.

I wouldn't hide porno... - Dag Sørås

Seagulls‘ screams make me long for X-Factor! - Anders Grau

The climate ignorant brat - Messiah Hallberg

A fat bastard that doesn‘t believe in climate change - Dag Sørås

Shoe-shopping for climate change - Josefin Johansson

Plastic loonies on climate change - Krisse Salminen

We imported sushi - André Wickström

Is your mum ill? - Saga Garðarsdóttir

Dom Perignon vs. Moonshine - Frímann Gunnarsson

Mera samarbete och färre gränshinder

"Soft power" gör Norden intressant

Balance – winner of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ youth film competition on gender equality 2014

A celebration of culture, the environment and Nordic co-operation

Hans Wallmark opsummerer Nordisk Råds sessions vigtigste resultater