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Latest videos from the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers and affiliated organisations.

Balance – winner of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ youth film competition on gender equality 2014

Margot Wallström om den nordiska jämställdhetens potential

Unga nordiska röster om jämställdhet

Nordic Gender & Media Forum

Självbestämmanderätt - en nordisk jämställdhetdröm

Empowering Women through Education, part 1

Empowering Women through Education, part 2

40 Years of Nordic Cooperation on Gender Equality

Cool Nordic – Equal Nordic

Mothers feel the global backlash for gender equality

The Nordic countries should aim for a separate goal on gender equality

Set the ambition level for gender equality even higher

Women and children are still left behind

The greatest challenge is to avoid a backlash

Nordic ministers discuss prevention of violence against women at csw57