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News Nordic initiative shows high growth potential in green transition Results from the Nordic Prime Ministers' Initiative, The Nordic Region – leading in green growth, were presented at COP22 on 16 November. Notable outcomes include further development of the Nordic electricity market, allowing for a higher share of renewables, opportunities for creating thousands of jobs through utilising waste as a resource, and improved market surveillance of energy-consuming products and green buildings.
News Nordic climate solutions for the whole world The consistency with which the Nordic countries focus on green growth and scaleable solutions to climate change was one of the messages highlighted by Dagfinn Høybråten, the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, in a speech to the UN climate conference, COP22, in Marrakech on Thursday.
News Nordic Energy Day featured solutions to some of the world’s pressing energy issues 14 November was Energy Day at the Nordic Pavilion at COP22 in Marrakech. Reykjavik Energy presented its groundbreaking method to store carbon in basalt, IEA addressed the issue of air pollution from energy production, and the Sahara Forest Project introduced an integrated solution for production of food, energy and water in desert areas. Lastly, remote and isolated island communities presented the ways in which they aim to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
News Nordic countries urge holistic planning for sustainable and liveable cities The world is becoming increasingly urbanised by the day, and at the same time, cities around the globe need to react to climate change by working towards carbon-neutrality. The situation calls for holistic, human-scale planning solutions that make cities more sustainable and liveable for their citizens. This was the key message from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ theme day on sustainable building and planning at COP22 on 10 November.
News Scaling up just 15 Nordic solutions can reduce 4 Gt of global emissions By scaling up just 15 proven Nordic solutions, countries all over the world can save 4 Gt of emissions every year by 2030 which is as much as the EU produces today. The costs for this scale-up equal the amount spent in just 9 days on fossil fuel subsidies.
News New Nordic Climate Solutions at COP22 in Marrakech The Nordic countries will have a joint pavilion at the UN climate summit (COP22) in Marrakech, November 7–18. It will host a series of events co-ordinated by the Council of Ministers to present the Nordic perspective and holistic, people-centred, green solutions.
News Nordic networking node at climate talks The Nordic Pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference 2016 in Marrakech serves as a showcase for holistic, people-centred, green solutions from the Region and as a place to network and relax.



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