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The 24th Longitude East - a Pathway for Cleantech Cooperation from the Northern Lights to the Caprivi Strip (GreenStream)


This session will explore the role of Nordic technology in powering the transition to a low carbon economy in Africa. An expert panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of providing clean energy in the rapidly growing economies of the continent. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.

Moderator: Hanna-Mari Ahonen, Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP)

   - Jukka Uosukainen (CTCN)
   - Liwayway Adkins (IEA)
   - Oras Tynkkynen (Sitra)
   - Marcus Ulmefors (InnoVentum)

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See the event at COP22: