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News Nordic prime ministers respond to Trump The five Nordic governments are prepared to take the lead in implementing the Paris Agreement. “We stand by our promise to future generations” was the prime ministers’ shared message following the announcement that the US is leaving the global climate agreement.
News “Show the way, Nordic Region!” The Nordic Region is in a unique position to take the lead in global work on sustainability, three special guest speakers and agenda setters – Fadumo Dayib, Gunhild Stordalen and Katherine Richardson – told the Nordic prime ministers in Austevoll, near Bergen, today.
News Nordic prime ministers launch global initiative The Nordic governments are working together to drive progress toward the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This DKK 74 million initiative will present Nordic knowledge of green transition, gender equality at work and sustainable food and welfare solutions
News International support for Nordic sustainability initiative The Nordic prime ministers will launch their Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative in Bergen, Norway, on Tuesday. Three special international guest speakers will also be present and talk about the importance of the initiative. They are the founder and President of the EAT Foundation, Gunhild Stordalen, the first ever woman to stand for president in Somalia, Fadumo Dayib, and Katherine Richardson, a member of the independent group of scientists set up by the UN to follow up on Agenda 2030.
News Prime ministers launch sustainable development initiative The five Nordic prime ministers are launching “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges” to help meet global development goals. The Nordic Region has plenty of experience of investing in gender equality, green transition, sustainable food production and welfare technology and the PMs are now inviting the world to share this knowledge.



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