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Nordic Food Policy Lab

The overall aim of this project is to encourage the use of Nordic policy solutions to help address the food issues identified as challenges in the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Nordic Food Policy Lab will establish opportunities to advocate for innovative policies encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable food.

Elisabet Skylare,

Many of the systems currently used will compromise the capacity of the Earth to produce food in the future. Globally, food production is exceeding environmental limits, or is close to doing so, and simultaneously failing to deliver much needed social goals such as healthy food for all, decent jobs and growth for the producers.

In recent years, this has triggered international discussions on how to address the unsustainability of our approach to food production – a debate in which the Nordic countries have played their part.

The flagship project Nordic Food Policy Lab will stress the importance of innovative policy tools for consumer-driven sustainable food. The growing global demand for Nordic food solutions to promote the transition to a more sustainable food system comes from civil society, governments and international organisations.

Most of the interest concentrates on the Nordic work on nutrition, food waste and on what the countries have learned from the New Nordic Food initiative. These are three of the food policies the Council of Ministers has pushed most strongly to date. Other Nordic elements of establishing more sustainable food systems are also expected to be of interest to international partners going forward.

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Elisabet Skylare