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Nordic Sustainable Cities

The rapid pace of urbanisation affects millions of people around the globe, posing challenges for health, safety and the environment. It also creates a growing global demand for solutions for the urban environment and the aim of Nordic Sustainable Cities is to promote Nordic solutions for sustainable, liveable and smart cities.

Nordic Innovation

By 2050, 66 % of the world’s population is expected to live in urban conurbations. The UN Agenda 2030 recognises the crucial role of cities in driving sustainable development, as highlighted in Sustainable Development Goal 11 on the importance of making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

In the Nordic region we can offer high quality urban solutions based on our Nordic strengths such as good governance, public-private partnerships, design tradition, environmental and social consciousness as well as robust technological solutions.

To promote these solutions on a global level, the flagship project includes developing an ambitious branding effort, building a joint Nordic export platform and establishing political partnerships and networks. These activities will help facilitate cooperation between Nordic stakeholders, and increase opportunities for export. The project will be run in close collaboration with national trade promotion agencies, clusters and businesses.

This flagship project builds on the success of Nordic Built Cities, which explored the development of
innovative solutions for sustainable, smart and liveable cities. The project will be managed by Nordic Innovation.

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Hans Fridberg, Senior Adviser,

Malin Kock Hansen, Senior Adviser,