Ministers discuss full Faroese membership

01.11.16 | News
Johannes Jansson/
The Faroe Islands submitted an application for full membership of the Nordic Council and Council of Ministers, a move that would have seen the islands covered by all Nordic agreements, treaties and conventions.

The ministers for Nordic co-operation discussed the Faroese application at their meeting in Copenhagen on 1 November, but it emerged from the discussions that consensus was not reached on granting full membership.

The ministers stressed the value of the role played in Nordic co-operation by the Faroe Islands – and by Greenland and Åland – within the framework of the Helsinki Treaty and welcomed their desire to play a part in future developments.

The Danish Minister for Nordic Co-operation, Peter Christensen, said that Denmark would return to the topic and present proposals that will lead to the Faroe Islands playing an even bigger role in Nordic co-operation in the future.