International co-operation

Get insight into the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international activities.

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Сотрудничество Северных стран с Россией / Nordic Co-operation with Russia

Цель сотрудничества - в развитии более тесных связей между странами Северного региона и Северо-Запада России для укрепления стабильности, безопасности и развития региона, а также поддержания роли России в качестве активного партнера в региональном взаимодействии.

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The Nordic region and its neighbours to the west

The Nordic Council of Ministers continues to forge ever closer relationships with it neighbours to the west: Canada, USA, UK, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Ireland and more.



Nordisk Ministerråd har et antal samarbejdspartnere i Østersøregionen og deltager aktivt i andet regionalt samarbejde.

Dråber på grantræ


The Nordic Council of Ministers supports progress towards democracy in Belarus by donating to the exile university (EHU), by providing money to a Baltic NGO funding programme and by funding cross-border regional networks.

Nordiska och baltiska flaggor

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The Nordic Council of Ministers has enjoyed wide-ranging and close co-operation with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since the early 1990s.


The Arctic

Since much of its territory, both on land and at sea, falls within the Arctic Circle,  the Nordic Region is therefore strongly involved in issues that concern this unique and harsh, but also vulnerable area.