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Nordic Council Theme Session Malmö (21–22 March)

Media contact: Matts Lindqvist – 29 69 29 05

Nordic Day: State of the Nordic Region 2022 (23 March)

Media contact: Mikael Carboni Kelk – 60 39 42 57

CSW66 – Commission on the Status of Women, New York (14–25 March)

Media contact: Anna Rosenberg – 29 69 29 41


News about Nordic co-operation from the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council.

Key individuals involved in Nordic co-operation

The Nordic prime ministers and the heads of government of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland have the overall responsibility for inter-governmental co-operation in the Nordic region. The ministers for Nordic co-operation and elected parliamentarians look after the day-to-day work. Here is a list of the various organisations involved and the members of them.

Logo and design

The Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers’ design manual provides access to the logo used by the two organisations and presents guidelines for the use of their shared visual identity.

Anna Rosenberg

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