Due to release a publication?

Billede af forskellige publikationer udgivet af Nordisk Ministerråd

Billede af forskellige publikationer udgivet af Nordisk Ministerråd

Material relating to and outcomes of projects funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers are published by the Nordic Council of Ministers unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. This page contains a summary of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ publication strategy as well as guidelines for the production of Nordic reports and publications. The content of this page is aimed at those who have received funding and are due to release a report or publication.

When the Nordic Council of Ministers helps to fund a report, we as the sender want our logo and design to be visible, such as by way of colour schemes, fonts, image guidelines, etc. The production process includes not only the design and layout of a publication, but also publication on NordPub and other digital channels, which gives our publications a broad reach. We always use printing companies that have been awarded the Nordic Swan eco-label.

Even before the time comes to place a final order with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ publications unit, you can contact pub@norden.org for a realistic estimate of the price and production time, including layout work, proofreading, and distribution.


– Contact: pub@norden.org

Who is responsible for what?

The administrative body is responsible for ensuring that the necessary agreements regarding publishing rights and copyright are made with the authors so as not to restrict the rights of the Nordic Council of Ministers. In addition, the administrative body ensures that authors are familiar with copyright guidelines, as well as the guidelines regarding manuscripts and ordering, all of which are available on this website. The administrative body bears the production and printing costs of the publication. The production price depends on the publication series, scope, and number of infographics. An individual price estimate can be obtained directly from the publications unit at pub@norden.org.

The publications unit is responsible for layout work, formatting, publication, and distribution. The layout will comply with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ visual identity. Considerable emphasis is placed on the publication having the most diverse distribution and visibility as possible.

Production times vary and can be adjusted as required. Unless otherwise agreed with the publications unit, the first proof will be provided within 15 working days. If the publication is to be printed, you should set aside between five and ten working days for printing. Publications are always made available digitally in PDF and EPUB formats, and as ISSUU magazines. Publications are printed only if a printed edition is ordered by the client. All TemaNord publications are made available for print on demand, which means they can be ordered in printed format from our webshop for up to five years after their publication.

Please note that the guidelines vary for Nordic working papers. You can read more under “Four different publication series”.


– Contact: pub@norden.org

Four different publication series

TemaNord is a publication series for the results of the often research-based work of various working groups and projects funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In terms of content, TemaNord covers all topics dealt with by official Nordic co-operation. The TemaNord layout follows a strict template.

Nord publishes debate publications, analyses, guidelines, and other one-off books in the areas of Nordic co-operation where there is a political desire for their promotion.

PolitikNord publications are characterised by communicating policy-based content, such as policy programmes, framework programmes, action plans, annual reports, budgets, general brochures, and other types of information published by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic working papers typically include internal project documents or preliminary documents, making them unsuitable for actual publication. As a rule, the audience for working papers is internal, in a Nordic context. The publications unit handles only publication in NordPub (PDF). Please set aside five working days for processing and publication. Nordic working papers are not subject to layout work nor are they printed, and they do not form part of the publications unit’s distribution programme. 

Copyright and other rights

Copyright and other rights   The Nordic Council of Ministers has full copyright to all its publications. Any sales revenue from publications belongs to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The author or person responsible for ordering a production from the Nordic Council of Ministers guarantees in connection with the order that all the rights regarding all texts, images, graphs, tables, quotes, etc. contained in the publication have been cleared. The author (or the person responsible for the order) is responsible for the correct clearance of illustrations in the material submitted for publication by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This responsibility lies with the publications unit where layout staff provide the images.

PolitikNord, Nord and Nordic working papers are published under a “© All rights reserved” licence, and the publications are free of charge. As of 31 March 2017, all TemaNord publications are published under the Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0 International. Contrary to a © All rights reserved licence, the CC licence permits all replication of a publication with a view to translation and recasting, for example. The only requirement is that the user must provide a full bibliographic reference to the publication. 


– Further information about Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 International


The manuscript must be approved and proofread before an order is placed. Proofreading must be carried out by a professional proofreader and follow the typesetting guidelines laid out below. TemaNord publications must undergo a peer review or at least be evaluated internally in a workgroup, programme committee, or similar.

To place an order, you need:

1. A good title (40 characters maximum). Use a subtitle to expand on the title if necessary.

2. Keywords. These are important for the distribution of the publication. Choose carefully from among the keywords on the order form.

3. A summary, i.e. a simple and concise description of the content of the publication (purpose, conclusions, and perspectives). The description will be used as an abstract in NordPub and on norden.org, for example. Note that summaries for TemaNord publications must be in a Nordic language as well as in English. In addition, TemaNord publications must have chapter summaries. Briefly describe the content of each chapter (maximum of 900 characters including spaces). The descriptions will be used in the publication itself, as well as for chapter abstracts in the Nordic iLibrary, for instance.

4. The rights to all illustrations for the publication submitted in conjunction with the order must be cleared for printing and digital publication. Illustrations must be supplied in their original size and with a high resolution (300 dpi). This applies to TemaNord, as the publications unit takes care of images for PolitikNord and Nord.

5. For TemaNord, images must be provided with captions describing the content and stating the source of the image. In addition, the images must have alternative text (in the metadata of the image) in the language of the publication. This is for the benefit of those with a visual impairment to ensure that all our publications meet accessibility requirements.

6. Images must comply with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ images policy, which is outlined in the design manual (in Danish) at http://design.norden.org/billeder


Images policy

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Take into account any translation requirements when you start producing your publication. The translations unit (TOLK) at the Secretariat to the Nordic Council of Ministers co-ordinates the translation and proofreading of Nordic co-operation programmes, strategies, and other predefined publications in the PolitikNord and Nord series. For other publications (such as TemaNord publications and Nordic working papers), the client is responsible for providing a translation. Please note that the translation cannot be ordered through the publications unit. Remember to factor in additional time for translation and language proofreading of the different language versions. Place a separate order for each language version once the translation is ready.

Ordering production

Once the manuscript is fully proofread and complete, you can place an order for production using the order form below. Using the order form, you must upload the manuscript and state the publication series, title, author, proofreader, abstract, keywords, edition (if the publication is to be printed), professional advisor at the Secretariat to the Nordic Council of Ministers, and billing information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at pub@norden.org if you have any questions!

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your order has been sent. The order must be approved by the relevant specialist department at the Secretariat to the Nordic Council of Ministers. Once the order is approved, we will issue the publication with a publication number that will serve as a reference throughout the process. 


Order form

– Contact: pub@norden.org

Distribution programme

The objective of our distribution strategy is to ensure that our publications achieve the highest possible visibility and the best possible accessibility. The distribution programme therefore includes many different digital formats and channels, depositories, and means of distribution for the printed publications.

All publications that are funded and published by the Nordic Council of Ministers are available via Open Access through our publication platform Nordpub, the NordPub app, on norden.org, in Google Books, and in libraries around the world. TemaNord and Nord are also distributed as e-books (EPUB), such as via the Nordic iLibrary (in collaboration with the OECD), at bookshops in the Nordic countries, on Amazon Kindle, in the Apple iBookstore, and on GooglePlay.

Our printed publications are available for purchase from our NordPub webshop. Please note that not all publications are printed; rather, all TemaNord publications are available for print on demand via our publication platform NordPub for up to five years after their publication. “Print on demand” means that the publication is printed to order.

When they are published, our publications are advertised through several different channels, such as by way of Nordic newsletters, on Twitter, and in bookshop directories.


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