19.09.18 | News

Apply for accreditation for the Session of the Nordic Council in Oslo

Journalists are now welcome to apply for accreditation to the 70th Session of the Nordic Council in Oslo from 30 October until 1 November 2018. Journalists can apply for accreditation for the Session and the awards ceremony of the Nordic Council prizes at the following link.

01.07.18 | News

Committee proposal Committee proposal: boost Nordic co-operation in research

The Committee for Knowledge and Culture in the Nordic Region says that the region should increase co-operation on research and education. The committee would like to explore whether its proposed “Nordic University” could help to overcome some of the obstacles to student and researcher m...

09.09.18 | Information

The Nordic Council

First and foremost, the Nordic Council’s politicians are driven by the desire to make the Nordic region one that people want to live and work in. This is also the primary objective of the ideas and proposals for co-operation that are borne out of the Nordic Council.