21.02.22 | Information

    The Nordic Council

    First and foremost, the Nordic Council’s politicians are driven by the desire to make the Nordic region one that people want to live and work in. This is also the primary objective of the ideas and proposals for co-operation that are borne out of the Nordic Council.

    10.05.22 | News

    Nominations for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize

    Twelve works have been nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for their high artistic standard. These include albums with electronic music, folk and art music, as well as new concepts such as a nonet for flutes and a kinetic opera, which have all been produced by composers fr...

    06.05.22 | News

    Hård kritik mot otillräckligt nordiskt transportsamarbete

    De nordiska regeringarna släpar fötterna efter sig i frågan om stärkt samarbete om transportinfrastruktur. Nordiska rådet har under många år bett regeringarna att stärka samarbetet genom att inrätta ett eget ministerråd för transport. Hittills har regeringarna inte följt parlamentariker...