Iceland’s presidency programme for the Nordic Council in 2024

Snöklädda berg vid havet i Arktis
Peace and security in the Arctic is the theme of Iceland’s presidency programme for the Nordic Council in 2024. The environment and gender equality are also addressed in the programme.

Security policy increasingly important

In recent years, security policy has become one of the most important issues for the Nordic Council, and Iceland’s presidency programme is rooted in promoting peace and security, with a special focus on the Arctic. The Nordic Region should strive for the strategically important Arctic region to remain a military low-tension zone and work towards peaceful co-operation in international fora.

Better linguistic balance

During Iceland’s presidency, the focus will also be on how to ensure that participants in Nordic co-operation who don’t have a Scandinavian language as their mother tongue can participate on equal terms in their respective national languages. One of the goals is to investigate whether new language technology can be used to aid translation and interpretation.

Gender equality and marginalised groups

The rights and opportunities of minorities and marginalised groups to lead a good life, especially in the sparsely populated areas of the Nordic Region, are also on the agenda. The programme highlights that the Nordic Region has received international attention for the progress made concerning both gender equality and the rights of LGBT+ individuals, emphasising the importance of continuing to work on these issues.

Updating the Helsinki Treaty

The ongoing process initiated by the Presidium of the Nordic Council to investigate a potential update of the Helsinki Treaty, which regulates official Nordic co-operation, is highlighted in the presidency programme. If the treaty is revised, issues such as security policy, climate policy, and the question of language usage in Nordic Council meetings could receive greater attention.