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Nordens dag 2023

Nordic Day 2023

23 March is Nordic Day, when we celebrate the oldest example of regional political co-operation in the world. We’re marking this with five events around the Nordic Region.

    Minister panel: Nordic solutions to online gender-based violence

    CSW67: The Nordics ready to push for gender equality

    At CSW in New York (United Nations Commission on the Status of Women), the Nordic Co-operation will stand for gender equality and showcase Nordic solutions to online gender-based violence and the pension gap.


      Women in War

      How is the war in Ukraine affecting societies and individuals? In eight documentaries we talk to women from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and the Baltic countries, residing in the Nordics and Baltics.

        COP27 Nordic Pavilion

        COP27: Nordic Solutions

        The Nordic countries have ambitious climate goals and we firmly believe that we can do more by working together. With more than 50 events, the Nordic Pavilion will cover a wide range of topics on climate change and solutions at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from 6 to 18 November.


          Nordiska demokratifestivaler 2022

          Det nordiska samarbetet är redo med debattevenemang på fem nordiska demokratifestivaler. Politiker, civilsamhället, experter, unga och näringslivet möts och pratar politik direkt med nordens medborgare.


            Nordic Day 2022:
            State of the Nordic Region

            On Nordic Day the 23 March we celebrate the launch of State of the Nordic Region 2022 with livestreamed events from five Nordic capitals.

              Harbourfront Centre i Toronto

              Nordic cultural initiatives

              The Nordic Region has a strong, high-quality and diverse art and culture sector, which is in great demand internationally.


                COP26: Choosing Green

                With more than 100 events the Nordic Pavilions at COP26 in Glasgow and Helsinki covered a wide range of topics on climate change and solutions. Watch all events from the Nordic Pavilions in Glasgow and Helsinki here.

                  En fjord omgivet af bjerge

                  The Nordic Environmental Relay

                  The annual Nordic Council Environment Prize goes to a company, organisation or individual for extraordinary efforts on behalf of the environment.

                    Skulptur Britt Smelvær

                    International branding of the Nordic Region

                    The world is turning to the Nordic Region at the moment, and branding will help draw attention to what we have in common: our Nordic perspective, our values and a culture that stems from a shared history.


                      The competencies of the future

                      The future does not just appear out of thin air. It is created. The aim is to prepare children and young people for the future even though nobody knows quite what it will look like. Education and training are the keys to the competencies of the future.

                        Nordic Solutions at COP23 theme photo

                        Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

                        Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is a joint initiative by the Prime ministers of the Nordic countries. We want to invite the world to share Nordic knowledge and experiences of six priority flagship projects.