21.03.19 | News

New campaign: spot, capture and share Traces of North

On Nordic Day, the 23rd of March, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international branding project "The Nordics" is launching a social media campaign inviting people from around the world to share Nordic stories using the hashtag #TracesofNorth. Let’s trace the world together! ...

19.03.19 | News

Nordic call for fathers to get on board

The Nordic countries want to increase incentives for fathers to take more parental leave. They argue that economic and financial equality will only be possible when men and women share housework and care equally. During a debate at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New Y...

17.03.19 | Information

About the Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official body for Nordic intergovernmental co-operation. The Nordic prime ministers have overall responsibility for Nordic co-operation. In practice, responsibility is delegated to the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation and to the Nordic Committee f...