The Future of Transport Sector Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

A Proposal for Institutional Framework and Substance of Baltic Sea Transport Policy on the Eve of EU Enlargement


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The Baltic Sea region, as part of the EU, is faced with considerable changes due to the EU enlargement and the proposal for a new Constitution for the Union. One is tempted to ask the following question:Is the existing structure for cooperation effective in the situation, when all the countries around the Baltic Sea - except Russia - are members of the EU?This report answers definitely that the existing cooperation structure in the transport sector does not meet well the current and the foreseen needs of the Baltic Sea region. Despite several cooperation fora existing today, new needs and concerns cannot be adequately addressed jointly, such as:· How to strengthen Baltic Sea region’s visibility and influence on the transport agenda of the EU?· How to implement efficiently the EU transport policies at the regional level?· How can the new member states adapt themselves quickly to the EU processes and mobilise necessary resources for project implementation?· How to carry transport dialogue with Russia at the regional level
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