The missing multiplier: How to use public procurement for more sustainable Nordic municipalities?

02.03.22 | Event
For many years, the Nordic countries have been aware that while we enjoy high living standards, we also stand out in global rankings as over-consumers of natural resources.



In order to reach Agenda 2030 targets, our production and consumption patterns must change, moving from linear approaches to circular flows. With several billion spent on public procurement each year across the Nordic region, procurement is a powerful tool to leverage sustainability at a large scale. A recent report from the Nordic Council of Ministers has highlighted public procurement as 'the missing multiplier'. While identified as an individual target (SDG 12.7), public procurement can impact all SDGs and 82% of the targets. In this webinar, we will learn from some municipalities who changed their procurement processes - and discuss gains and pitfalls along the way towards increased circularity and local produce


Learn more about Nordregio's work with Agenda 2030 at the local level here:

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