Norms and attitudes towards LGBTI persons and families in the Nordics

08.09.20 | Event
The Nordic countries are often referred to the world's most LGBTI-friendly countries and public acceptance of LGBTI people and same-sex relationships is high. Finland have recently taken major legal steps, like marriage equality and maternity act. However, there are still shortcomings in all Nordic countries.



Nordisk kulturkontakt
Kajsaniemigatan 9

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

As a part of Helsinki pride 2020 we welcome you to hear experts discuss the current status of rights for the rainbow families in Finland and norms and attitudes towards LGBTI persons and families in Finland and the other Nordic countries.



  • 15.00 Opening words: Minister for Nordic co-operation and Equality, Thomas Blomqvist
  • 15.10 Background and Inspiration: Journalist Gisle Agledahl, Norway
  • 15.20 The Current Status of Rights for Rainbow Families in Finland and in the Nordics: Executive Director Juha Jämsä, Finnish Rainbow Families Association
  • 15.35 Experiences of growing up in a rainbow family: Author Alexandra Sandbäck
  • 15.45 Being a mother to a multiple minority son in Denmark: Author Souad Taha
  • 16.00 How to make the Nordics a better place for all kinds of families: Senior Advisor Anna Moring, Finland for All Families
  • 16.10 Paneldiscussion
  • 16.30 Summing up the day  

Moderator: Journalist Catariina Salo