How to generate greater interest in the 2023 Session of the Nordic Council

Annette Lind och Heléne Björklund på temasessionen 2023 i Reykjavik
Eyþór Árnason/
Would you like to help generate greater interest in this year’s Session? Here is a quick overview of the communication work during tit. The images are free to use.

Find specific tips on what to do here:

1. See the Session website for an overview

Look to the Session website for practical information, news stories, the agenda and other events on the Session programme:

2. Use the hashtags

Join the debate and discussions about Nordic politics on social media by using the hashtags: #nrsession and #nrpol.

3. Follow us and interact with our social media accounts

Follow and interact with our social media accounts:

4. Share and take photos from the Session

Share your own photos and video clips from the Session on Instagram and other social media using the hashtag #nrsession.

On Wednesday and Thursday a “video booth” will be available in Vandrehallen for parliamentarians to record any videos they want to use on their own social media or the Nordic Council’s accounts.

Our on-site photographer will also be taking pictures during the Session. These images may be used freely for non-commercial purposes provided the photographer’s name is mentioned (NN/ They will be available from:

5. Share content about the Session

An easy way to enhance the visibility of the Session in your network is to share the news items we publish on

6. Watch and comment on the live streams from the Session

We will be streaming all of the plenary debates live: