Conservative Group

The Conservative Group has members representing 7 national member parties from the five Nordic countries and from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.


Postal Address

DK-1240 København K


Conservative Group

Conservative People's Party of Denmark - Det Konservative Folkeparti (KF)
Faroese People's Party - Fólkaflokkurin (Ff)
Conservative Party of Norway - Høyre (H)
The Moderate Party (M)
The Moderates are Sweden's second largest party, and the largest party in the conservative coalition alliance. The Moderates have held the prime minister post since 2006.
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The Moderates of Åland (MÅ)
The Moderates of Åland is a liberal conservative political party in the Åland Islands. In the 2011 elections the party won 13.9% of the vote and 4 out of 30 seats in the Åland parliament.
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Non-aligned Coalition (Obunden samling (ObS))
National Coalition Party of Finland - Kokoomus (saml)
Independence Party of Iceland - Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn (Sj.)