Strategies and methods for implementing CE in construction activities in the Nordic countries

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The national strategies for a circular economy set the overall targets for implementation of circular economy in the country. Putting theory into practice via local strategies can be a good means for the transition towards a circular economy in the construction sector. Municipalities can set demands for CE solutions by requiring, e.g. the use of recycled and/or recyclable construction materials, the application of design for disassembly principles in construction and requiring resource mapping, and reuse and recycling in the demolition phase. The study identifies and presents cases and experiences from the implementation of CE concepts at the local level in the Nordic communities with a focus on construction, renovation and demolition. Barriers and drivers for the uptake of CE solutions are analysed, and enabling factors that could support the implementation of circular economy concepts and identified barriers in norms, legislation and guidelines are described. As part of the project, the project group gave 10 policy recommendations. 
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