Almedalen Week 2023: Wind power is controversial in the Nordic Region – why and how do we untie the knots?

28.06.23 | Event
Nikolaj Bock/
What is driving the expansion of wind power in the Nordic Region? National policy, the EU or Nordic energy co-operation? What are the political choices, and what are the differences between the countries’ debates about wind power?


02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Strandvägen 4
Strands veranda
Wisby Strand

Debate meeting

Despite well-established Nordic energy co-operation, there are significant differences between the debates about wind power in the various Nordic countries.

In Denmark, wind power is part of the nation’s energy-policy identity; in Sweden, the debate about the expansion of wind power offshore and on land has become increasingly hostile, and in Norway, there have been passionate protests about indigenous rights – all against a background of the EU and Brussels pushing for the expansion of renewable energy. 

What do the prospects look like for wind power in the Nordic Region? How do the countries differ from each other, and why? What can we learn from each other? 


  • Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard, Denmark’s ambassador to Sweden
  • Aud Kolberg, Norway’s Ambassador to Sweden
  • Toni Kekkinen, CEO, Fortum Sweden
  • Charlotte Bergqvist, Chief Development Officer, Cloudberry
  • Ulrika Liljeberg MP (C), wind power expert

Moderator: Johanna Alskog, Editor, Altinget