Nordic and Baltic democracy festivals 2023

Official Nordic co-operation at the democracy festivals in 2023 will focus on positive conversations about the green transition, defence and security, and how to preserve and strengthen our democracies. The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council will participate in eight democracy festivals this year in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

How can we create tangible Nordic solutions to realise the Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision of the Nordic Region being the most sustainable and integrated region in the world? 

Official Nordic co-operation will cover a wide range of themes at this year’s democracy festivals, with a particular emphasis on the green transition, energy security and young people’s participation in society. 

At our events, experts, activists and politicians at various levels will discuss areas in which the Nordic countries are working together to ensure that we, as a region, are better equipped to meet the big challenges of the day. 

Democracy festivals 2023:

(See previous festivals at the bottom of the page).

15–16 September: The People’s Meeting, Iceland 

How can we bring about a more inclusive housing market? How can we combat unhappiness among young people? And what about the climate? And Nordic eating habits? All of these questions are on the agenda when Nordic co-operation is up for discussion at the Icelandic democracy festival.

Previous festivals:

26 August: Būtent! Discussion Festival, Lithuania

The festival’s mission is to promote a culture of open discussion, harmony and tolerance. Būtent! (Makes Sense!) has established itself as a welcoming forum for debate, engagement, active citizenship and democracy.  

14–18 August: Arendal Week, Norway  

This year’s highlights include Nordic co-operation in light of the situation in Ukraine, energy, young people’s mental health and a spectacular VR film from the Arctic. The Nordic Tent will also host several events for children and young people. 

11 August: Opinion Festival, Estonia

Our vision is for the Nordic and Baltic regions to be green, competitive and socially sustainable by 2030. In support of this vision, our discussions at this year’s Opinion Festival will focus on social and environmental resilience.

27–28 June: Almedalen Week, Sweden 

Nordic co-operation will present high-level debates with a wide range of partners on energy, the Nordic Region and NATO, biotech regulation, the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and more. 

27–28 June: Suomi Areena, Finland  

The main themes in Pori will be the energy crisis and the role of the Nordic Region and Nordic co-operation in a world in crisis. We will also host an event on cross-border freedom of movement and a debate on promoting political engagement among young people. 

15–18 June: People’s Festival, Denmark 

The Nordic tent will host 12 topical events at this year’s festival on Bornholm, including debates on energy solutions, vocational education, biodiversity, young people and local communities. We will also host a special event bringing together Ukrainian and Russian women.

9–10 June: Conversation Festival LAMPA, Latvia

Since its inception eight years ago, LAMPA has become an indispensable part of Latvian political life. The Nordic programme for the two-day festival will consist of ten events covering a variety of topics of common interest to the Nordic and Baltic countries, including perspectives for future Nordic-Baltic co-operation, resilient societies, zero waste, digital inclusion, wind energy and urban agriculture.  


The Nordic institutions

Nordic institutions will be key contributors at several of the festivals. Institutions such as Nordic Innovation, Nordic Energy Research, Nordregio, Nordforsk and Nordgen play important roles in funding innovation and research and improving networks and exchanges of knowledge between the Nordic countries in a wide range of areas, e.g. health technology, energy and food security.