Take a breathtaking trip to the Arctic with VR glasses

Boat sailing through the Arctic ocean
Nikolaj Bock
In 2021, a Norwegian expedition sailed to Svalbard to document the effects of climate change in the Arctic. There, the expedition was met by magnificent nature and outstanding wildlife, but they also saw clear traces of human rampaging and an increasingly warmer climate.


11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Strandvägen 4
Strands veranda
Wisby strand


What happens in the Arctic, including melting ice, has significance for our entire globe. Everyone is affected when sea levels rise. The traces of man are clearly visible, but maybe it is not too late, maybe we can change our behavior and save the Arctic?

Now you have the chance to experience expedition Barba's journey by sailboat to the Arctic using VR glasses in the Nordic tent and talk to one of the expedition members (in English). Afterwards (at 12.00) the Arctic event continues with a screening of the film on a big screen inside Norden's tent, as a prelude to a seminar on the Arctic and climate change.