Practical information for the 2019 Session of the Nordic Council

Sveriges Riksdag
Johannes Jansson/
Here is some practical information ahead of the Session of the Nordic Council in Stockholm.


Swedish parliament, Entrance: Norrbro 1A and Norrbro 1B.


Norrbro 1A and Norrbro 1B entrance. Registration desk on Riksplan in the eastern building of the parliament (RÖ).   

Name badges 

All participants will be given a name badge at the registration desk. For security reasons, these badges must be visible at all times during the Session.   

Accreditation for journalists

See information for the media:  


Networks: NordiskaRadet2019

Password: WelcomeNR  


Information and general enquiries, Chamber foyer: +46 76 103 61 08

Swedish Secretariat

Secretariat to the Nordic Council

Mads Nyholm Hovmand: +45 2248 3374  

Matts Lindqvist: +45 2969 2905

The Session on social media

Join the debate and discussions on Nordic politics by using our two hashtags: #nrsession and #nrpol. Share our content within your own social media networks by following us on:


Smoking is banned throughout the Swedish parliament.  

Emergency services

+46 (0)8 786 4112


There is a self-service restaurant on the entrance level of the western building (RV2). It is open from 11:00 to 14:00. The café (RV3) – one floor down from the plenary chamber – serves coffee, snacks, and light lunches.

Lunch will be served to Nordic Council parliamentarians and officials in Sammanbindningsbanan from Tuesday to Thursday. Catering facilities will also be provided outside the meeting locations.



Contact person, Matts Lindqvist: +45 2969 2905