The Norwegian Soloists' Choir

The Norwegian Soloists' Choir enjoys a unique position in Norwegian cultural life. The choir has premiered more than two hundred works, over three-quarters of which have been by composers from Norway. The choir was founded in 1950 as an elite ensemble to pursue the highest possible artistic levels in choral music.

Innovation and an uncompromising approach to the repertoire and quality are the foundations on which the choir has built its reputation and these values are still embodied by the Soloists' Choir.

Grete Pedersen has been the conductor since 1990 and she is still the artistic manager. The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir has consistently maintained a high artistic level.

In recent years, the choir has worked in a systematic and professional fashion, and is now a full-time choir with professional singers and administrators. The singers are handpicked youngsters, professional musicians, who are signed up on contracts for two years at a time.

Since 2003, the choir has operated with a maximum of 26 singers, but often appeared with fewer.

This provides great flexibility, which means that the choir is able to perform everything from contemporary works and small Baroque programmes for 12 voices to major productions for 26 singers with chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras.

The choir regularly receives invites to major festivals abroad and has released no fewer than eight CDs since 1990.