Tróndur Bogason

- 7 musicians (for solo-trombone and electroacoustics). The nominated work from the Faroe Islands is definitely a live work which is very difficult to experience in a recording.

The work is brought into being by 10 loudspeakers which surround the audience, and a solo trombonist. The latter plays from different positions on the stage and in different directions, based on a polyrhythmic structure, including the shorter and longer pieces of music from the loudspeakers.

The tone of the works revolves around some simple quarter note marked cells which are repeated and vary. Macroscopically the work falls into three parts, of which the middle part is the most important.

This middle section refers to a Kafka story, The Investigations of a Dog, in which an old dog looks back on its life in a scientific investigation of its race’s origin and ways.

The dog received this call in its youth when it witnessed 7 dog musicians, who crucially deviated from dog behaviour, for example by performing music, which is both deeply fascinating and unbearable.

In this middle piece the soloist and the electronic themes together create a concert of musical space by virtue of the two ‘players’’ support and opposition to each other. The central piece of this work is encircled by a recitative introduction and by a well-balanced reflection.

Tróndur Bogason was born in Tórshavn where he started music lessons at the age of 9. Early on he was active in the Faroese rock milieu but gradually he also became fascinated by new, more experimental music.

In 1996 he moved to Copenhagen, where he studied composition under Sunleif Rasmussen, Ib Nørholm, Bent Sørensen and Hans Abrahamsen as well as electro-acoustics under Ivar Frounberg, amongst others. On a study trip to Holland in 2003 Bogason studied under Louis Andriessen, and in 2005 he was awarded a one-year study scholarship from the Faroese Cultural Fund.