Centre Group

The Centre Group in the Nordic Council represents members and substitutes from the Nordic countries, and from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland, who belong to the central Liberal, Green and Christian Democratic member parties.


Postal Address

Mittengruppen i Nordiska Rådet
v/ Terhi Tikkala
00102 Riksdagen

+358 50 434 5019



    Centre Group

    Flokkur fólksins – Flf (People’s Party, Iceland)
    Miðflokkurinn – Mifl (Centre Party, Iceland)
    Future of Åland (ÅF)
    Åland Centre (ÅC)
    Åland Centre has been the party in with the most seats (7 out of 30) in the Åland parliament since the election of 2011. Åland Centre has two ministerial posts in the Åland government.
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    Atassut (A)
    Björt framtíð (BF)
    Centre Party of Finland (cent)
    Centre Party (C)
    The Centre Party of Sweden is a political party with a green liberal ideology. Important issues for the Centre Party are employment and business, the climate and welfare.
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    De Gröna (gröna)
    The Democrats (D)
    The Democrats (Demokraatit) is a liberal political party in Greenland.
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    Framsókn (Progress Party, Faroe Islands)
    Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkurinn (Frfl) – Iceland)
    Hållbart Initiativ
    Hållbart Initiativ
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    Christian Democrats (KD)
    The Christian Democrats are a political party in Sweden. The party stands for Christian values and profiles itself especially on issues related to health, care, family and business.
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    Christian Democrats in Finland (kd)
    Kristeligt Folkeparti (KrF)
    Liberal Alliance (LA)
    Swedish Liberal Party (L)
    Liberals for Åland (Lib)
    The Liberals for Åland is a liberal political party of the Åland Islands. In the elections in 2007 the party was the largest in Åland but in the last election in 2011 the party's electoral support dropped significantly. Today the party has 6 out of 30 seats in the Åland parliament and is in opposition.
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    Green Party (MP)
    The Green Party is a political party in Sweden that stands for green values. In addition to climate issues, the party also focuses on migration, education and employment.
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    Miðflokkurin (Mfl.)
    Moderaterne (DK)
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    Partii Inuit
    Danish Social Liberal Party (Det Radikale Venstre (RV))
    The Cooperation Party
    Union Party (Sambandsflokkurin) (sb)
    Centre Party (Senterpartiet) (Sp)
    Sjálvstýrisflokkurin (Sjfl.)
    Swedish People's Party (sv)
    The Swedish People's Party aims to preserve the status of the Swedish language in Finland and to take care of the interests of Finland-Swedes. The party has been in government since 1979 with one or two ministerial posts.
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    Denmark's Liberal Party (Venstre) (V)
    Venstre (V), The Liberal Party of Norway
    Viðreisn – The Reform Party
    Viðreisn (Vi) was founded on 24 May 2016. The party entered the Icelandic parliament for the first time after the general election in autumn 2016. Viðreisn is part of the Centre Group.
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