Almedalen Week 2023: Acute labour shortages – are migrants the solution?

28.06.23 | Event
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Isabella Lindblom /
Labour shortages, skills shortages. The problem is quite similar in all of the Nordic countries. But perhaps there is a solution, an untapped resource, i.e. that employers should dare to give jobs to the large group of people born elsewhere. How can we match demand and supply?


10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Strandvägen 4
Strands veranda
Wisby Strand

Debate meeting

Sweden is suffering from record labour shortages – despite a recession. Healthcare, education and industry are among the sectors hardest hit. Major industrial investments in northern Sweden are also at risk because of the lack of skilled workers. The situation is exacerbated by the number of people nearing retirement age in several sectors, an acute problem shared by all of the Nordic countries.

But do we already have the solution? Is it time for employers to see people with a migrant background as part of the solution? What experiences have there been with that? What are the benefits and obstacles? And how much discrimination is there in the Nordic Region?

What can the Nordic countries learn from each other and from others about the reception and integration of refugees? 


  • Ahmed Abdirahman, CEO and founder of Järva Week
  • Malpuri Groth, Director, Swedish Women’s Lobby
  • Erika Löfgren, Senior Durable Solutions Associate, UNHCR
  • Jens-Kristian Lütken, Mayor of Integration and Employment in Copenhagen

Moderator: Åsa Hildestrand