Brave sustainable world - the Nordic model under pressure?

17.11.20 | Event
promenade operaen i Oslo
Gunnar Ridderstrøm
Brave sustainable world - the Nordic model under pressure?


04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

4.00 PM GMT+1 - Green transition victims: How to leave no one behind?

The green transition is inevitable if we want a sustainable future, but how can it include all social groups and all parts of the economy? How can we ensure a just transition and is that even possible? Can we re-calibrate the Nordic welfare model to balance out the needs of the green economy and a socially sustainable society?


Key note

  • Helena Thybell, Secretary General of Save the Children Sweden

European perspective

  • Alice Bah-Kuhnke, MEP, Green Party

Panel participants

  • Kamilla Sultanova, Public Speaker, influencer and cultural architect 
  • Nicholas Kujala, Former President of the Nordic Youth Council
  • Jonas Færgeman, Member of the Climate Reality Project
  • Bernt G. Apeland , Secretary General, Red Cross Norway
  • Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir, Iceland’s UN youth delegate on climate change 
  • Emma Lindgren, Ashoka
  • Ahmed Abdirahman, CEO and founder, The Global Village Foundation


  • André H. Jamholt, Senior Adviser, the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat

5.00 PM GMT+1 - Nordic Welfare State: Green, inclusive and great?

Is the welfare state better equipped than other systems to create a sustainable future? Or is it over regulated and should leave more room for the market? Is the Nordic model overrated and not as good as its reputation or can it be exported to others? In a post-corona world, the need for well-proven, cost effective and inclusive green solutions are bigger than ever. Can the Nordics lead the way and are we first past the post to reach the national goals to fulfill the Paris Agreement?


Key note

  • Johan Strang  Associate professor, Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki

Nordic perspective

  • Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

Panel participants

  • Gunvor Kronman, CEO of Hanaholmen, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Board Member of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) and Plan International
  • Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary General, the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Nina Sandberg, Member of the Norwegian delegation in the Nordic Council, Member of the Committee of Welfare in the Nordic Region
  • Urður Einarsdóttir, Student Council of the University of Iceland
  • Johan Hall , LO og Global Utmaning
  • Anna Lundgren, Nordregio


  • André H. Jamholt, Senior Adviser, the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat


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