Choosing Green: A digital summit in the lead up to COP26

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Join us for a digital one-day-event on post-corona green recovery in the lead up to COP26. The summit takes place on 17 November 2020 at five locations in the Nordic Region and online. We’ve invited some of the brightest minds in the Nordic Region, and the stage is set for panel discussions and keynotes of the highest calibre. Don’t miss out!

A digital summit on post-corona green recovery in the lead up to COP26

Choosing Green: Nordic Perspectives

In the midst of the pandemic, we are taking the conversation online and to stages in five of the Nordic capitals. Join us for a day full of inspiration and insights when we stream the event live on our website and social media platforms.

The discussions will focus on various aspects of the role that the Nordics will play in the global, post-corona, green recovery. How can we achieve a just green transition in times of recession? Is the Nordic welfare model equipped for this brave new future without leaving anyone behind? What implications will the green transition have for the educational system? Are the Nordic countries prepared for a green future with a different job market that requires new skill sets? These are just some of the complicated questions we will be asking.

In the six debates, we challenge politicians, organisations, representatives from the public and private sector and entrepreneurs from the Nordic Region to pinpoint strengths and vulnerabilities in the Nordic Model. What do we have to offer and where are our blind spots?


Learn more about the day in the sections below. Updates will follow in the weeks to come.

10am -12pm: A green Nordic Region - how far have we come?

Giants or Lilliputians: Are the Nordics climate front runners?

2020 was supposed to be the year of climate ambition, but where are we now that COP26 has been postponed? What have the Nordic countries done to live up to the goals in the Paris Agreement and achieve carbon neutrality? In the lead up to the UN Climate negotiations at COP26 in 2021 and in the follow up in the wake of the corona crisis, what difference can the Nordics make in the global effort to build a better ‘new normal’?

How to punch above your weight-pushing the agenda

Let´s make an experiment: What would happen if we put the Nordic countries at the service of the world for a few months? Be our guest, world - use all our knowledge, experience, values and ability to co-operate to reach the sustainability goals! Do the Nordic countries still hold a position in the eyes of the world? If so, what are our areas of strength? Can we address the expectations, even after the Corona crisis? In which areas should the Nordic countries have ambitions to take the lead? Join a debate between five young Nordic globalists - five years after the Nordic prime ministers initiativ "Nordic Solutions to Global  Challenges".

1pm - 3pm: The green transition – consequences for Nordic jobs and skills

Surviving the pandemic: Which sectors will thrive and who will suffer?

COVID-19 has plunged the world into a major recession, and questions have been asked about whether we can afford to invest in the green transition. But what if green businesses are the ones that survive and thrive in a post-corona reality? What financial structures are needed to push the green transition forward? We take a look into the crystal ball and discuss competitiveness in a post-corona world.

Skills for sustainable development: A Nordic approach to a green future

It will take new skills to reach the goals in the Paris Agreement and the Agenda 2030. A different approach to growth is needed as we bid farewell to the fossil-based era. But what does that mean for the job market of the future? And what are the implications for the education system and life-long learning? How can the Nordic countries contribute to developing skills for sustainable development?

4pm - 6pm: Brave sustainable world - the Nordic model under pressure?

Green transition victims: How to leave no one behind?

The green transition seems inevitable if we want to enjoy a sustainable future, but how can that include all social groups and all parts of the economy? How do we ensure a just transition? Is it even possible? Can we recalibrate the Nordic welfare model to balance out the needs of the green economy and a socially sustainable society?

Nordic Welfare State: Green, inclusive and great?

Is the welfare state better equipped than other systems to create a sustainable future? Or is it over-regulated and give the market more room to manoeuvre? Is the Nordic model overrated and not as good as its reputation or can it be exported to other parts of the world? In a post-corona world, the need for well-proven, cost-effective and inclusive green solutions will be greater than ever. Can the Nordics lead the way and be the first to reach national goals in line with the Paris Agreement?

Stay tuned for updates on the programme, keynotes and panellists!

Six debates | Five stages | Three keynotes


Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Reykjavik.


Tuesday 17 November 2020 | 10–18:00 (GMT+1)