WEBINAR: Does the Nordic language community exist?

18.03.21 | Event
Har Norden et språkfelleskap?
What are the trends for Nordic language comprehension? Do we still understand each other? What role does culture play in the Nordic sense of affinity? The Nordic Council of Ministers has conducted a survey asking more than 2,000 young people these questions. We are now launching a new report featuring the fascinating findings that we made.


01:00 PM - 02:30 PM



13.00  Welcome to the webinar

            Moderator: Johan Strang,  Associate Professor, Center for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki

13:03   The Nordic perspective

            Annika Saarikko The Finnish Minister of Science and Culture

13.10   Presentation of the report – Does the Nordic language community exist?

            Truls Asle Hørlyk Stende, Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers

13.25   Video from the Icelandic language conference for young people from all over the Nordic Region

13.30   Panel debate

            Unn Røyneland, Professor, Deputy Director of MultiLing, University of Oslo

            Inga Maria Hjartardottir, project manager for the Nordic Youth Conference

            about young people's relationships to the Nordic languages

            Malin Corlin, project manager, the Nordic Institute in Greenland

            Kenneth Storm Jessen, Vice-President, the Nordic Youth Council

14.00   Questions and comments from the audience

14.15    Where do we go from here? What does the report tell us?

             Veronica Honkasalo, Member of the Nordic Council Committee for Knowledge and Culture in the Nordic Region

14.25    Summing up by the Moderator