07.02.20 | News

Coming together through language

Young people in the Nordic region would like to learn to understand each other better across national borders. They want to see innovative thinking in language teaching and opportunities to get together. These were the clear messages to Nordic politicians from a group of young people at...

07.02.19 | News

Even greater mobility in the Nordic Region

Freedom of movement is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation, and it will soon be even easier to relocate to another Nordic country to work, study, run a business or just to live there. The Nordic Mobility Action Programme 2019–21 outlines how progress will be made toward these...

01.11.06 | Declaration

The Language Declaration

The Declaration on a Nordic Language Policy defines priorities for national work on language policy.

30.06.19 | Information

Language co-operation

Mutual understanding of each other’s languages promotes mobility between the Nordic countries and enhances the sense of affinity between the peoples of the Region. The main focus of the work to promote language understanding, both now and in the future, is on children and young people’s...