30.06.19 | Information

    Language co-operation

    Mutual understanding of each other’s languages promotes mobility between the Nordic countries and enhances the sense of affinity between the peoples of the Region. The main focus of the work to promote language understanding, both now and in the future, is on children and young people’s...

    16.06.22 | News

    Nordic language seminar: Can smart apps promote language comprehension in the Nordic Region?

    How can technical solutions help to increase Nordic language comprehension? Can smart apps increase young people’s interest in the Nordic languages? What role does English play in the trend of declining knowledge of neighbouring countries’ languages among young people? An exciting Nordi...

    02.02.22 | News

    Committee seeks to improve opportunities for Nordic friendship schools

    Better frameworks and tools are needed in order to support Nordic co-operation in the field of education. This is the opinion of the Nordic Council committee for knowledge and culture which, at its first meeting of the year, approved a proposal to facilitate the establishment of friends...

    01.11.06 | Declaration

    The Language Declaration

    The Declaration on a Nordic Language Policy defines priorities for national work on language policy.