Food Choices for a Healthy Planet Game

Food Choices for a Healthy Planet Game


The interactive Food Choices for a Healthy Planet game helps you learn more about the impact of your food choices on your health, the national healthcare system, the environment, climate change, and culture. Supported by Food at Google the game was developed by a group of change-makers from around the world, representing diverse approaches to dietary guidelines and sustainable healthy diets from different food culture contexts. 

The Nordic region, with its renowned Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, ambitious food policies and sustainable food culture focus is featured as one of four leading countries and regions. Open source and free for anyone to access, the goal is for the game to be used by educators, students and others looking to take action through food. Marie Persson, project manager of Nordic Food Policy Lab was one of the game architects:

“This is a playful way for people to engage with the critical issue of sustainable food. Using gamification together with a strong backbone of evidence, the Food Choices for a Healthy Planet game  shows how you can tweak your choices to achieve better outcomes. It makes the conversation on sustainable and healthy diets relevant and adjusted to different realities, building on - but going beyond - traditional ways of communicating dietary guidelines.” 


Challenge yourself and see the impact of your everyday food choices.

You will get:

  • A playful interactive learning experience about how to take action through food  
  • Expert answers on some of the complex questions of food system sustainability
  • A opportunity to test different ways to tweak your diet to lower impacts
  • New ways to understand external factors affecting our food choices 
  • And much more...


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Food Choices for a Healthy Planet was produced by a food system solutions accelerator featuring nutrition and climate change experts from across the globe. They looked at diets in four regions, each with a distinct lens: Nordic Countries (sustainability), Brazil (emphasising local and whole foods instead of ultra-processed foods); Canada (plant-forward focus), and Indonesia (emphasising good nutrition for children from a developing-country perspective).

Instead of using a prescriptive approach, and offering a single perspective for global diets that could be translated to fit the needs of individual countries, the group developed a country-first perspective, recognising that each country has distinct cultural, economic, historical, and agricultural capacities to feed itself.

Read more about Food Choices for a Healthy Planet, the team of game architects behind it, the research evidence informing the game outcomes and how you can play: