Join the Nordic Food Systems Takeover at COP28

06.12.23 | News
Nordic Food systems takeover at COP28
On 10 December at COP28, the Nordics will set the table for global leaders and experts to explore pathways to healthy and sustainable food systems. The “Food Systems Takeover of the Nordic Pavilion” features critical discussions from farm to fork in collaboration with UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, Food Tank, GAIN, CGIAR, Norway and Finland, Tetra Pak, Ragn-Sells and many more.

The full day that features ten sessions with panel discussions and roundtable talks, is a unique opportunity to join forces with some of the most influential and inspiring voices from the Nordics and internationally.

It is not only in the Nordic Pavilion where there is an increased focus on the role of sustainable and healthy food systems for a green transition. Already during the second day of the climate summit in Dubai, 134 world leaders signed up to the COP28 UAE Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems, and Climate Action  

From Nordic experts to international thought-leaders

During the Food Systems Takeover there are manypossibilities to meet an impressive lineup of leaders, ministers, experts, researchers, activists and change-makers who will share knowledge and learnings from different perspectives  – all urging the imperative to support  a green transition of food systems worldwide.

Among the speakers you will find: Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, Minister of International Development of Norway; Karen Ellemann, Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers; Ertharin Cousin, Founder and CEO, Food Systems for the Future; Dr. Rune Blomhoff, Professor, Project Leader of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023; Dr. Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director, Gain; Stefanos Fotiou, Director, UN Food Systems Coordination Hub; Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, Founder and Executive Chair of EAT; Shakuntala Thilsted, Director, Nutrition, Health and Food Security Impact Area Platform CGIAR; Kerstin Stendahl, Finland’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and many more. 

Food waste, healthy diets and aquatic food – highlights of the programme

At the Food Systems Takeover in the Nordic pavilion, food will be connected to both our climate and environment, but also to our personal health. Health is also a topic that has taken a bigger role at COP28, with the first-ever Health Day and COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate and Health.

The interconnections between food, health and the climate will be further explored on 10 December:

  • Fast Action to Save the Cryosphere – Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)  
  • The 10 Billion Challenges: Nordics Leading the Way – Ragn-Sells  
  • Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Food Waste -Food Tank and Nordic Council of Ministers  
  • Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems  - Global Action Network Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters for Food Security and Nutrition, Norway, CGIAR, EBCD, Blue Food Coalition  
  • Circularity in Food Systems -  Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland  
  • Food Systems & Healthy Diets for Climate Action - Nordic Council of Ministers and the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub  

Join the discussions on site at COP28 or follow online

All events during the Food Systems Takeover will be available for live watching and on-demand streaming on the website  

Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone, Opportunity Petal, Zone B&, Building 75

Official COP28 side event on 11 December

At COP28, there are even more events with participation from The Nordic Council of Ministers to discuss food system challenges and solutions for climate action. Annica Sohlström, Director-General, Swedish Food Agency highlighted  Nordic efforts for reduced food loss and waste on December 3, and on December 8, climate action and nutrition is on the agenda at the EU Pavilion, featuring Unni Kløvstad, Head of Department, International Co-operation, Nordic Council of Ministers.  

The intense programme of events will be wrapped up on December 11 with an official COP28 side-event to discuss the connections between food, health and the climate, hosted by Finland, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

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The Food Systems Takeover of the Nordic Pavilion is arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation and with speakers from ; UN Food Systems Coordination Hub ∙ Food Tank ∙ GAIN ∙ CGIAR ∙ Finland ∙ Norway ∙ Sweden ∙ WWF ∙ Nordic Council of Ministers ∙ AGRA ∙ Estonia ∙ Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) ∙ Ragn-Sells ∙ Global Action Network Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters for Food Security and Nutrition ∙ Blue Food Coalition ∙ Easy Mining ∙ EBCD ∙ International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.