Programme for the Nordic Pavilion at COP28

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Sara Tingström
With more than 70 events, the Nordic Pavilion will be covering a wide range of topics on climate change and climate solutions. Join us at COP28 from 1 to 11 December.

The Nordic Pavilion at COP28 is hosting more than 70 panel debates, workshops, and report launches. We invite you to join thought-provoking conversations and presentations of concrete solutions on how a climate-neutral society can also be a better society for more people. 

We’ll explore technical solutions as well as the lifestyle changes needed if we’re serious about staying below 1.5-degree target. Why are gender issues a climate issue? How can food be the driver of massive change? How are finance flows driving change? How could the finance mechanism for a loss and damage fund look like? What solutions do we have for the changes needed in transportation, agriculture, food systems, the built environment, and how do we make sure that the transition is fair and just? 

This and much more are on the agenda in the Nordic Pavilion at COP28!