Nordic Council condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine in the strongest terms

02.03.22 | News
Den ryska invasionen av Ukraina 2022.
Ty Oneil/Zuma/Ritzau Scanpix
Statement from the Presidium of the Nordic Council following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

The Presidium of the Nordic Council condemns Russia’s brutal, illegal, and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. Russia alone bears full responsibility for the invasion, which contravenes international law and the European security order. Ukraine is a peaceful, sovereign nation and Russia must respect its integrity.

The full-scale military attack on Ukraine threatens peace and stability throughout Europe. We strongly urge Russia to put an immediate end to its military operations and unconditionally withdraw its forces from the whole of Ukraine.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, who are being subjected to horrific and brutal bomb attacks by Russian troops. The senseless Russian atrocities with civilian casualties and the displacement of people on an unimaginable scale only serve to demonstrate the Russian leadership’s total lack of respect for human life and the right to freedom and democracy.

We express our full support for the Ukrainian people and call on all countries to assist Ukraine in any way possible. We also give our full support to the democratically elected president of Ukraine and stand in solidarity with all Ukrainians who are now defending their country against the aggressors.

The Nordic Council was established as a peaceful organisation for co-operation in the wake of the Second World War. In its 70-year history, the Nordic Council has always stood up for democracy, peace, and human rights.

The solution to the war lies squarely in Russia’s hands. If Russia lays down its weapons and withdraws its troops from Ukraine, the war will end.


The Nordic Council is the official inter-parliamentary body. The Nordic Council was formed in 1952. The Council has 87 elected members from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.