Violence in close relationships must be prevented

18.09.23 | News
violence against women
Daniel Martinez/unsplash
The Nordic ministers for justice discussed the prevention of violence in close relationships at their meeting in Reykjavik on 18 September.

The Nordic Region has long been at the forefront when it comes to gender equality. Despite that, domestic violence is a problem in all the Nordic countries. If we were better able to prevent domestic violence, we’d be able to save more lives and protect more individuals from the devastating consequences of violence. At the meeting, the participants shared Nordic experiences with regard to methods to nip domestic violence in the bud.

During the meeting, it was also discussed how the Nordic Region can become better at ensuring that cases of violence and abuse are adequately prioritised throughout the legal process, as well as how the Nordic countries can fulfil the recommendations of the Istanbul Convention. The Istanbul Convention is an international agreement to protect children and women from violence, and has been signed by all the Nordic countries.

Sharing knowledge creates a safer Nordic Region

The sharing of information and experiences regarding national measures and methods in the legal field is important for bolstering the Nordic skillset. The Nordic ministers for justice discussed and exchanged experiences on several relevant topics during the meeting, such as the prevention of youth crime and the possibility of using genealogy in the investigation of serious crime and deadly violence.

“We must be able to act early and more comprehensively when it comes to ensuring security in the home and preventing youth crime. There’s a significant Nordic advantage to be leveraged through the countries sharing their experiences. Together, we can produce a well-considered basis for making decisions on measures, and do so more quickly,” says Karen Ellemann, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic Region works together on justice matters

The Nordic ministers for justice meet once a year in a Nordic context. The meetings are prepared by a committee of senior officials from the respective Nordic ministries for justice. The committee of senior officials is responsible for preparing the meetings, as well as for implementing and following up on the ministers’ decisions. The committee of senior officials normally meets three times a year.

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