Copenhagen Fashion Week Sustainability Framework - Denmark

Tine Bek
An innovative initiative with great potential.

The Copenhagen Fashion Week Sustainability Framework is nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize.

The Copenhagen Fashion Week Sustainability Framework is built around 18 minimum standards concerning behaviours during the fashion week itself and the production of the collections that are shown.  

Production methods must limit clothing waste through, for example, design for longevity and the use of recycled fibres. The framework also includes requirements for fair working conditions for those producing the clothes. In this way, the framework is helping to shape an industry that has otherwise generally not had much of a focus on sustainability and the environment.  

Copenhagen Fashion Week has developed the framework in collaboration with the external consultancy firms In Futurum and Rambøll, who are also responsible for reviewing the fashion brands that apply to exhibit at the fashion week.  

The initiative has been nominated for being innovative in the industry and having the potential to set a precedent in the rest of the Nordic Region and possibly the world at large.