Infinited Fiber Company - Finland

Mikael Ahtikari
Transforming textile waste into new textile fibres

Infinited Fiber Company is nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize

Infinited Fiber Company’s innovative technology transforms waste textiles into the textile fibre Infinna™, which has similar properties to cotton. In addition to creating a new textile fibre from by-products and waste textiles, the method eliminates the use ofharmful chemicals, such as carbon disulphide.

Infinited Fiber Company is an active member of several sustainability organisations and is leading the EU-funded New Cotton Project. The company is also working with stakeholders throughout the textile value chain to promote circularity in the textile industry. This level of engagement is indicative of a company that is dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable future.

Thanks to its multi-pronged approach to sustainability, its innovative technology, and its focus on co-operation throughout the textile value chain, Infinited Fiber Company is nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize.