Paula Malleus-Lemettinen - Finland

Paula Malleus-Lemettinen
Mikael Athikari
A pioneer in upcycling and clothing design in Finland.

Paula Malleus-Lemettinen is nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize.

Paula Malleus-Lemettinen is a front-runner in the consumer-friendly upcycling of textiles and is helping to show the way when it comes to reducing our burgeoning consumption of such materials. For more than 15 years, she has been designing organic and sustainable clothing that supports a regenerative, circular economy.  

Since 2007, Paula has led Remake Ekodesign, Finland’s eco-sewing studio that specialises in the post-consumer reproduction of textiles. In addition, she is engaged in multifaceted development, information and influence efforts with a focus on sustainability, ecology and climate criticism. Paula teaches upcycling and regenerative design at various educational institutions in Finland. In this way, she contributes to ensuring a more enlightened generation of graduate designers in Finland. 

In her work, she has created products, concepts and know-how within upcycling methods that have been tried and tested by hundreds of people. In the Finnish textile and fashion industry, she is regarded as a pioneer, and she commands considerable importance as a source of inspiration in the industry.