Pikumini - Greenland

Christian Solbeck
Countering fast fashion the Greenlandic way – a small but significant initiative for changing consumption patterns in Greenland.

Pikumini is nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Environment Prize.

Greenland is deeply dependent on major producer countries and companies taking greater responsibility for our planet. But those in the eye of the storm also have a responsibility themselves. Nivé Lynge Biilmann, the initiator behind Pikumini, is deeply aware of this responsibility. 

Pikumini is the first thrift store in Greenland that sells private individuals’ recycled goods. With the opening of the store, the people of Greenland, and in particular young people, have been made aware that wearing recycled clothes does not need to be looked down upon – quite the opposite, in fact. 

In this way, Pikumini is helping to bring a sustainable recycling and utilisation mindset to life which, despite being a natural part of Greenlandic society for centuries, has been pushed into the background over a number of years. To this end, the nominee is an initiative that speaks to the Greenlandic self-understanding  

In short, Pikumini has helped to change consumption patterns in Greenlandic society.