Västanfjärd Council, Finland

Västanfjärd is a typical archipelago municipality (830 inhabitants) and lacks a centralised waste water system. As in most other archipelago and coastal municipalities, the treatment of individual waste water outlets is also very inadequate. The municipality is nominated for the project "Discharge-free municipality".

In the first part of the project "Discharge-free municipality awareness was raised about waste water issues, with information about alternatives and a network of contacts in the Nordic countries.

The 2nd part of the project encouraged people to improve their approach to domestic waste water.

The municipality plays a key role in protecting the Nordic marine environment, not just by assuming responsibility for its own environmental load. The municipality also monitors the conduct of all businesses and private actors and disseminates information to the municipality's inhabitants and enterprises.

Through its project "Discharge-free municipality", Västanfjärd Council has shown that a small municipality can make a major impact and come up with innovative solutions that can serve as a model for municipalities throughout the Nordic countries and beyond.