27.05.20 | News

24-timers klimabrainstorm med nordiske vindere

Ungdommens Nordiske Råd og Regeneration 2030 har sammen deltaget i årets danske digitale klimabrainstorm for at dyste mod over 100 andre i at finde bæredygtige løsninger til at opnå verdensmålene. Det nordiske bud blev honoreret med en delt førsteplads sammen med 4 andre. Stærkt!

26.05.20 | News

Energy ministers: Green energy conversion to power new start after COVID-19

The Nordic energy ministers want sustainable energy sources to power the post-pandemic economy. At an online meeting on 26 May, the ministers drew up guidelines for recovery and approved a declaration on the future of the Nordic electricity market.

05.09.17 | Declaration

Declaration of commitment from the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation regarding the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the Nordic Region

Declaration from the MR-SAM meeting on 5 September 2017.

18.05.20 | Information

What does a little new soil cost, Mr Worm?

You get your favourite pear, your clean water, your morning coffee, and your nice walk in the woods because nature still delivers. But the loss of biodiversity and collapsing ecosystems are considered two of the biggest risks facing the planet in the next decade.