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Nordic Co-operation on Climate Change

New Nordic Climate Solutions at COP21 in Paris 2015
Vita Thomsen/
The Nordic countries have for several years arranged common activities at the COP climate negotiations under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The NCM does not have a formal role in the climate negotiations, but via its working groups and institutions, it supports the search for future climate solutions and contributes to the climate agenda.

The Nordic countries have ambitious plans on becoming fossil free, and the Nordic Ministers for the Environment have committed to taking a strong leadership in climate efforts. They are supported by the Nordic Prime Ministers, who have set green transition as an important theme in their initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges.

However, the Nordic countries do not negotiate together or have any common positions. The mandate of the Nordic Working Group for Global Climate Negotations (NOAK) is to support the negotiations, the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC. This is done through various projects, events and workshops.

The focus of the joint Nordic pavilion is on Nordic solutions and experiences, on sharing knowledge and on discussing how to secure sustainable societies for future generations.