SuomiAreena 2023

27.06.23 | Event
Juha-Matti Tenhunen
The role of the Nordic Region in the energy crisis and co-operation in a world in crisis are the main topics in Pori. We also have an event on obstacles to freedom of movement and mobility, as well as a debate on how to get more young people involved in social issues. 


27 - 28.06.2023
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM



Our debates at SuomiAreena 2023:

27 June at 15:00: Open borders in the Nordic Region – a joint labour market, emergency preparedness and infrastructure?

The shared Nordic vision states that the Nordic Region should be the most integrated region in the world by 2030. How’s it going with cross-border co-operation in the north?

28 June at 10:00: The world in crisis – what’s happening to the Nordic Region?

How is the new security policy situation affecting the Nordic countries? How do we best uphold security and peace in the Nordic Region?

28 June at 13.30: Young people outside the community – how do we get more of them involved?

More and more young people are feeling left out and like they don’t have the opportunity to participate in communities. How do we get more young people involved in societal matters?

28 June at 17:00: The energy crisis and the green transition – does the Nordic Region have solutions?

How can we safeguard our energy supply and get the green transition done quickly at a price that everyone can afford?