SuomiAreena 2023: Young people outside the community – how do we get more of them involved?

28.06.23 | Event
Ensom pige
Alexander Grey - Unsplash
More and more young people are feeling left out and like they don’t have the opportunity to participate in communities. How do we get more young people involved in societal matters?


01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

Nordiska ministerrådet

Debate meeting

Finland and the Nordic countries are known for their culture of associations and clubs, and there are many positive recreational communities that young people can get involved in to pursue their interests and make new friends. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board and the trend has gone in the wrong direction in the Nordic Region recently. More and more young people are unhappy and feel left out. The problem is particularly felt among young people in vulnerable positions, where many are at risk of ending up on the fringes of society. If everyone is to be involved, we have to overcome a number of obstacles. 


  • Hilkka Kemppi, MP (C)
  • Miki Mielonen, Director of Youth Safe House (Finnish Red Cross)
  • Lotta Tuominen, Finnish Youth Delegate to the EU 2022-2023
  • Tomi Alakoski, CEO, 4H