Electronic identification - e-ID in Norway

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An e-ID is electronic identification you can use when you have to communicate with public agencies in Norway and when you access services such as online banking and online shopping. An electronic ID is important for confirming that you are the person you claim to be. There are various types of e-ID in Norway.

What can you use a Norwegian e-ID for?

Norwegian e-ID opens the door to various digital services:

  • Public services: You can log in on public agency websites, and perform tasks such as change your address, submit tax returns, see your prescriptions and medical records, etc. 
  • Bank services: You can, for example, log in to your bank accounts, transfer money, check your balance, and apply for a loan. 
  • Electronic signature: You can sign digital documents and contracts online.
  • Shopping and services: You can make purchases online and log in safely to various services.

What types of e-ID are there in Norway?

Various suppliers offer e-ID schemes in Norway. BankID, Buypass ID and Commfides are the three suppliers of e-ID schemes with the highest level of security.

MinID is offered by the state and can be used for secure inlogging, but does not have the highest level of security like BankID, Bypass ID and Commfides.

Who can obtain Norwegian e-ID, and how do you obtain Norwegian e-ID?

You can obtain a Norwegian e-ID when: 

  • you have a Norwegian personal identity number or D-number
  • you can satisfy the requirements for proving your identity 

The first time e-ID is to be issued, you must attend a meeting in person and show valid proof of identity. In practice, an ID check is carried out through a service at the Post Office, in a branch of a bank, or though a workplace.

Who should you contact if you have questions?

Visit the websites of the various suppliers for more information about Norwegian e-ID and how to obtain their e-ID, or read more on the ID Portal. 

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